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Welcome to the bench mark database.
The database contains records of Ordnance Survey bench marks, with particular focus on the numbered flush brackets which appear on walls and buildings across Britain. In addition, fundamental bench marks, projecting brackets, tidal observatories, and other bench marks are also included, to help give a more complete picture of the levelling lines.

Bench marks which have recently been logged:
Number Description Date LR Map Logged By
 BMWhatfield, No. 24 Naughton Road06/03/2015155aghadleigh
 PIVOTDunragit, Milestone Stranraer 606/03/201582TrishandJon
 BOLTGlenluce, Bridge Of Park06/03/201582TrishandJon
 BMNew Luce, Viaduct (North-east End)06/03/201582TrishandJon
 PIVOTBurnley, Hammerton Street06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBurnley, Burnley Barracks Railway Bridge06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBurnley, Stork Hotel06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBurnley, Westgate Canal Road Bridge06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBurnley, Sandygate Canal Road Bridge06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBurnley, Sandygate Canal Bridge06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBurnley, Inn On The Wharf06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBurnley, Burnley Library06/03/2015103Earby
 BMBerinsfield, 150 Fane Drive06/03/2015164jochta
 S9102Scarcliffe, Church06/03/2015120Morseman
 BMWellington, 121 King Street06/03/2015127pork_pie_hats
 BMGlasgow, 240 Dumbarton Road04/03/201564Skerryvore
 BMWellington, 33 Albert Road06/03/2015127pork_pie_hats
 BMWellington, King Street Railway Bridge06/03/2015127pork_pie_hats
 BMGlasgow, 215 Byres Road04/03/201564Skerryvore
 BMWallingford, St George's House05/03/2015175jochta
 BMForde Abbey05/03/2015193Skerryvore
 BMWallingford, Station Road05/03/2015175jochta
 BMHope Valley Travellers Rest Public House06/03/2015110Walkthedog
 BMHope Valley River Noe Bridge Brough06/03/2015110Walkthedog
 BMWallingford, St Mary's Hospital05/03/2015174jochta
 BMWallingford, Croft Road05/03/2015175jochta
 BMWallingford, 91 High Street05/03/2015175jochta
 BMWorksop, 31 Potter Street04/03/2015120buspass
 BOLTWorksop, Priory Church04/03/2015120buspass
 S9103Bolsover, Education Centre05/03/2015120Morseman

The most recent additions to the database are:
Number Description Grid Ref LR Map Added By
 FBMuirhead Tower CSP 0488 8376139Shantavira
 FBMuirhead Tower BSP 0491 8377139Shantavira
 FBMuirhead Tower ASP 0492 8377139Shantavira
 12397Triggers Race Men's TrophySK 1200 8500110RHW
 12396Triggers Race Ladies TrophySK 1200 8500110RHW
 S9982Auchencairn, Murray HallNX 7987 514084RodS
 S9563Elloughton, 39 Stockbridge RoadSE 9371 2814106RodS
 S9560Hull, Hedon RoadTA 1148 2922107RodS
 11986Gwalchmai HotelSH 3887 7627114RodS
 11813Little Trethewen, St. Levan GarageSW 3788 2374203RodS
 11660ColebatchSO 3185 8701137RodS
 11598Fiddler's GreenSE 2164 634699RodS
 11525Shipping, Shipping FarmSN 1169 0816158RodS
 S8493Newton Mearns, Bus DepotNS 5359 557264RodS
 12077Teindside BridgeNT 4363 080979RodS
 11773BogsideNS 5513 540264RodS
 11495Allt na CoraigNH 6504 849821RodS
 11316Lambley, Methodist ChurchNY 6716 58438687RodS
 11061Playhaugh BridgeNT 6885 625767RodS
 11999Bridge, 2 Western AvenueTR 1819 5432179189RodS
 S0408Manchester, Francis StreetSJ 8374 9931109RodS
 S0213Newport (Salop), High StreetSJ 7443 1925127iangr2004
 S0245Primet BridgeSD 8805 3962103iangr2004
 S0232Hythe, Lloyds BankSU 4239 0793196iangr2004
 S0372Ibsley BridgeSU 1499 0968195iangr2004
 S6608Farningham SchoolTQ 5484 6686177iangr2004
 S0723Riverside, St BudeauxSX 4365 5840201iangr2004
 S1274Pontypridd, Merthyr RoadST 0760 9030170iangr2004
 S1166Cross Hands, CinemaSN 5610 1270159iangr2004
 S0578Boston, Silver StreetTF 3290 4420131iangr2004