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Haverfordwest (1969) Fundamental Bench Mark   

Grid reference: SM 9673 1574.
Landranger 157: St David's & Haverfordwest.
Landranger 158: Tenby & Pembroke.
Explorer OL36: South Pembrokeshire/De Sir Benfro.
GPS network passive station: H1SM9615.
Waypoint: FM7239.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
S0586 Haverfordwest, Prendergast Hill 1.14km to the west.
S7828 Haverfordwest, Post Office 1.25km to the west.
S7599 Haverfordwest, Council Offices 1.49km to the west.
S0587 Haverfordwest, High Street 1.53km to the west.
S7827 Withybush, The Hermitage 1.75km to the northwest.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Haverfordwest (1953), 158.11m to the north.

Third Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1950-68)
This fundamental bench mark was used during the Third geodetic levelling, England & Wales, and was levelled with a height of 80.0278 feet [24.3925 metres] above mean sea level (Newlyn datum).

Logged Visits
Visited on 23rd July 2016 by Dugswell2. Condition: Good.
Easily found but bolt covered with earth which I removed.

Visited on 27th July 2014 by jonglew. Grid reference: SM 96733 15741. Condition: Good.
Partially buried at rear due to being sited on a bank and height tag missing, otherwise ok, but looks a bit forlorn. Photos at:

Visited on 19th May 2013 by wrose. Grid reference: SM 96733 15747. Condition: Good.
At the described location beside a footpath. Quite easy to reach from the road to the north. The block is situated on a bank of earth opposite a cattle shed. The height plate is missing but otherwise in good condition.

Visited on 16th April 2009 by Dusty. Condition: Good.
In amongst nettles & ivy. In month or two it will be well hidden.

Visited on 17th April 2005 by Calico. Condition: Good.
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