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Flush Bracket OSBM G4671: Ardersier School   


Grid reference: NH 7829 5497.
Landranger 27: Nairn & Forres, River Findhorn.
Explorer 422: Nairn & Cawdor.
Explorer 432: Black Isle.
Structure: School.
Waypoint: FG4671.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
G4669 Moray Firth School 1.90km to the southeast.
G4216 Fort George 1.91km to the northwest.
G1022 Brackley 3.31km to the southeast.
G1023 Woodend 4.27km to the southeast.
G4539 Chanonry Ness 4.75km to the west.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Daviot, 14.95km to the south.

Third Geodetic Levelling, Scotland (1956-68)
This flush bracket was used during the Third geodetic levelling, Scotland. It was included on the Daviot to Tain levelling line.

Logged Visits
Visited on 29th September 2016 by cjo. Condition: Good.

Visited on 16th August 2016 by clochandighter. Condition: Good.
Public access. Building, now serves as library, café and restaurant.

Visited on 3rd July 2014 by thejackrustles. Condition: Good.
Found whilst geocaching in the area

Visited on 30th September 2012 by wrose. Grid reference: NH 78302 54968. Condition: Good.
At the described location. can confirm that it is still there and in good condition.

Visited on 1st July 2006 by RHW. Grid reference: NH 782 549. Condition: Good.

Visited on 22nd August 2004 by iainmac. Grid reference: NH 782 549. Condition: Good.
Private House - may be old church
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