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Flush Bracket OSBM 31: Frilford, Chapel   

Flush Bracket on E. end of Chapel at Frilford Village [2GL]; Congregational Chapel, N side of road, N face, NE angle FL BR 031 CONGL CHAP N SIDE RD N FACE NE ANG (69.409m ODN, 0.6m AGL, 2nd order, levelled 1962, verified 1973).

Grid reference: SU 4407 9720.
Landranger 164: Oxford, Chipping Norton & Bicester.
Explorer 170: Abingdon, Wantage & Vale of White Horse.
Structure: Church / Chapel.
Waypoint: FB31.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
30 Marcham, White Hart 1.37km to the southeast.
G3647 Marcham, The Crown PH 1.53km to the east.
32 Kingston Bagpuize, St John the Baptist Church 3.45km to the west.
33 Southmoor, Waggon and Horses PH 4.53km to the west.
29 Abingdon, Ock Bridge 4.77km to the east.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Buckland, 10.53km to the west.

Second Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1912-21)
This flush bracket was used during the Second geodetic levelling, England & Wales, and was levelled with a height of 227.7240 feet [69.4103 metres] above mean sea level (Newlyn datum). It was included on the Wallingford to Buckland levelling line. The surveyor's description was Flush Bracket on E. end of Chapel at Frilford Village.

Logged Visits
Visited on 13th January 2016 by RogerTempleman. Condition: Good.
Still there in good condition and access as described by Rob Woodall. The OS Database description is FL BR 031 CONGL CHAP N SIDE RD N FACE NE ANG ODN 69.409m. The leading zero in the FB serial number is an error.
Photo showing mark at with location view at

Visited on 1st February 2014 by Calico. Condition: Good.
Had to climb locked gate for access into farmyard area. Neighbouring householder supportive!

Visited on 14th October 2006 by dal. Condition: Good.

Visited on 18th March 2006 by lackofluke. Condition: Unknown.
The gate in front of the church only leads to the entrance, with no access to the N side, where the FB is. Didn't have description nor GR with me so left this one.

Visited on 14th September 2005 by RHW. Grid reference: SU 441 972. Condition: Good.
Frilford chapel. N face, NE angle, access from S via drive shared with house, then thru field gate & round the back.

Visited on 16th November 2004 by iainmac. Grid reference: SU 440 972. Condition: Good.
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