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Flush Bracket OSBM 610: Riber Village   

Flush Bracket on N. face of cottage, junction of roads, 6 chains N.E. from Riber Hall [2GL]; centre of NE face of cottage, SW side of road junction, Riber Village.

Grid reference: SK 3093 5906.
Landranger 119: Buxton & Matlock, Bakewell & Dove Dale.
Explorer OL24: Peak District - White Peak Area.
Structure: Private house.
Waypoint: FB610.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
2522 Riber House 364.01m to the west.
G2313 Matlock Cliff, Baileys Cottage 741.48m to the north.
612 Matlock Cliff 831.93m to the northeast.
11523 Starkholmes, Methodist Church 890.22m to the west.
266 Littlemoor Farm 948.47m to the southeast.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Matlock, 202.48m to the southwest.

Second Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1912-21)
This flush bracket was used during the Second geodetic levelling, England & Wales, and was levelled with a height of 799.9610 feet [243.8281 metres] above mean sea level (Newlyn datum). It was included on the Matlock to Broomhead Moor levelling line. The surveyor's description was Flush Bracket on N. face of cottage, junction of roads, 6 chains N.E. from Riber Hall.

Logged Visits
Visited on 21st November 2010 by LesC. Condition: Probably destroyed.
GPS pointed to No. 1 Meadow View. The property has a porch (which is probably not original as the adjacent property of similar design doesn’t have one). Might still be inside the porch, though.

Visited on 18th August 2004 by RodS. Grid reference: SK 3093 5906. Condition: Probably destroyed.
Riber, N face of cottage opposite Riber Manor. Location verified from old large scale maps. Nothing shown on LandLine. Location inspected on several occasions, but no trace found of FB. No obvious reason why it should have been destroyed, so most likely buried beneath raised road level. Subsequent examination of large scale maps of various dates indicates that #1 Meadow View has been extended on its northern face, so that the location of the FB would now be inside the building.
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