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Flush Bracket OSBM G3367: West Marton   

N angle of building, NW side of crossroads, West Marton [3GL]; building, W side of road, N angle, NE face.

Grid reference: SD 8936 5049.
Landranger 103: Blackburn & Burnley, Clitheroe & Skipton.
Explorer OL2: Yorkshire Dales - Southern & Western areas.
Explorer OL21: South Pennines.
Structure: Unknown.
Waypoint: FG3367.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
G3366 East Marton 1.34km to the east.
G3365 Crickle 2.16km to the east.
G3368 Crooks House 2.69km to the west.
G3369 Monk Bridge, Coronation PH 3.62km to the west.
G3364 Micklethorn Farm 3.66km to the east.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Skipton, 10.44km to the east.

Third Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1950-68)
This flush bracket was used during the Third geodetic levelling, England & Wales. It was included on the Skipton to Hoghton levelling line. The surveyor's description was N angle of building, NW side of crossroads, West Marton.

Logged Visits
Visited on 20th April 2017 by painterman. Condition: Good.
Easy find behind wheelie bin in vgc.

Visited on 17th July 2016 by coineanach. Condition: Good.

Visited on 17th July 2016 by clochandighter. Condition: Good.
Public access but may be necessary to temporarily relocate some wheely bins for photography.

Visited on 1st April 2016 by RHW. Condition: Good.
R of green double doors, roadside behind bins

Visited on 24th October 2015 by srichy20. Grid reference: SD 893 594. Condition: Good.
Hidden behind the wheel bins. Dusted off the cobwebs and put the bins back.

Visited on 21st June 2015 by cjo. Condition: Good.
behind bins

Visited on 30th May 2014 by wrose. Grid reference: SD 89351 50496. Condition: Good.
Nothing really to add to previous visit reports even to confirm that it is still there (behind wheelie bins) and in good condition.

Visited on 4th May 2013 by ted. Condition: Good.
No change

Visited on 28th December 2012 by Earby. Condition: Good.
Its still behind the bins

Visited on 1st September 2012 by mickandkim. Grid reference: SD 8936 5049. Condition: Good.
Hiding behind bins In good order

Visited on 22nd July 2009 by iainmac. Grid reference: SD 8936 5049. Condition: Good.
Photo at

Visited on 29th April 2009 by bonatti. Condition: Good.
In good condition, easy to find.

Visited on 1st June 2008 by Bagge9905. Condition: Good.
Visited 7/5/08 by MJF. Near fall-pipe and green door, on LH side of side road N out of West Marton.

Visited on 14th April 2006 by manonabike. Condition: Good.
Next to drain pipe, wheelie bin and large green doors
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