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Flush Bracket OSBM 2394: Halton Red House   

Flush Bracket on S.E. angle of house at Halton North Farm [2GL]; house, N side of road, E angle, NE face.

Grid reference: NZ 0011 6852.
Landranger 87: Hexham & Haltwhistle.
Explorer 316: Newcastle upon Tyne.
Structure: Private house.
Waypoint: FB2394.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
2393 Errington Arms Hotel 1.40km to the west.
2395 Halton Shields, School Cottage 1.69km to the east.
G2748 Sunnyside Farm 2.61km to the southeast.
11398 Beukley 2.96km to the northwest.
G2333 Hampstead Farm 3.33km to the southwest.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Hexham, 4.38km to the west.

Second Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1912-21)
This flush bracket was used during the Second geodetic levelling, England & Wales, and was levelled with a height of 623.6130 feet [190.0772 metres] above mean sea level (Newlyn datum). It was included on the Hexham to Longhorsley levelling line. The surveyor's description was Flush Bracket on S.E. angle of house at Halton North Farm.

Logged Visits
Visited on 8th March 2015 by cjo. Condition: Good.
lady of the house readily allowed access, commented that someone else had visited several years ago. Not visible from road, but is can been seen from drive around back of house

Visited on 30th October 2004 by iainmac. Grid reference: NZ 001 685. Condition: Good.
Halton Red House

Visited on 28th August 2004 by RHW. Grid reference: NZ 001 685. Condition: Good.
B6318: house W of Halton Red House. N side of B6318, E elev at SE cnr. set back from road
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