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Flush Bracket OSBM 1992: Waddesdon Manor Railway Station   

Flush Bracket on W. face of E. battlement of railway bridge, Waddesdon Manor Railway Station [2GL]; E parapet of railway bridge, N end, W face.

Grid reference: SP 7576 1797.
Landranger 165: Aylesbury & Leighton Buzzard, Thame & Berkhamstead.
Explorer 181: Chiltern Hills North.
Structure: Bridge.
Waypoint: FB1992.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
1993 Wayside 1.02km to the south.
1991 Blackgrove Farm 1.67km to the northeast.
11009 Fleet Marston Farm 2.31km to the southeast.
1990 Pitchcott, Church 3.02km to the northeast.
1994 Lane End 3.41km to the south.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Great Linford, 26.07km to the north.

Second Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1912-21)
This flush bracket was used during the Second geodetic levelling, England & Wales, and was levelled with a height of 279.7280 feet [85.2611 metres] above mean sea level (Newlyn datum). It was included on the Great Linford to Wallingford levelling line. The surveyor's description was Flush Bracket on W. face of E. battlement of railway bridge, Waddesdon Manor Railway Station.

Logged Visits
Visited on 6th December 2015 by jochta. Grid reference: SP 75773 17970. Condition: Good.
Was pretty sure I'd logged this before and I had! The red arrow has faded somewhat since my last visit but the FB remains in excellent condition on the bridge looking over the remains of Waddesdon Station. Didn't realise that there's a cut mark on the other side of the bridge!

Visited on 15th August 2010 by jochta. Condition: Good.
Easy find especially as it has a great big red arrow pointing to it painted on the wall!

Visited on 19th September 2009 by dal. Condition: Good.

Visited on 20th November 2007 by AndyG. Condition: Good.
I have spent hours over several different days waiting to photograph trains from this bridge in pre-Bench Mark days and never noticed the FB! 0 out of 10 for observation.
'BM HERE' and downward facing arrow in red.
There is also a worn cut BM on the opposite parapet.

Visited on 13th September 2007 by RHW. Grid reference: SP 7577 1797. Condition: Good.
W face of E parapet of bridge, at N end. Red arrow points to FB

Visited on 27th March 2007 by Calico. Condition: Good.
Still there at N end of bridge. BM Here and arrow, all in red paint, pointing to it.
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