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Flush Bracket OSBM 11311: Saltergate Inn   

The Saltergate PH, S angle, SE face.

Grid reference: SE 8517 9437.
Landranger 94: Whitby & Esk Dale, Robin Hood's Bay.
Landranger 100: Malton & Pickering, Helmsley & Easingwold.
Explorer OL27: North York Moors - Eastern Area.
Structure: Pub / Hotel.
Waypoint: F11311.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
11312 Eller Beck Bridge 3.98km to the north.
S6568 Lockton, Methodist Church 4.48km to the south.
11310 Low Kingthorpe 8.68km to the south.
G4738 Springfield Farm 9.99km to the northeast.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Mickleby, 19.35km to the north.

Logged Visits
Visited on 17th March 2016 by Brisey. Condition: Good.
The building is still fenced off with no apparent change to the abandoned look. The FB is visible through the fencing on the S end of the roadside face. See for a photo.

Visited on 30th October 2013 by wrose. Grid reference: SE 85172 94351. Condition: Good.
At the described location but as others have said now attached to a deserted and decaying building. Now surrounded by safety/security fencing but bracket is still there and visible. Over-painted but in generally good condition.

Visited on 14th August 2012 by buspass. Condition: Good.
Building still slowly falling apart

Visited on 5th October 2011 by LesC. Condition: Good.
Painted over. Saltersgate [sic] Inn is currently derelict; don't know if there are plans to re-open/convert it.

Visited on 12th May 2007 by ted. Condition: Good.
Hidden by pub table

Visited on 24th July 2005 by RHW. Grid reference: SE 851 943. Condition: Good.
Saltergate Inn. W side of road, SE angle E face, roadside. Thick white paint on FB & wall but readable

Visited on 10th July 2004 by iainmac. Grid reference: SE 851 943. Condition: Good.
Saltergate Inn
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