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Flush Bracket OSBM G5044: Haverfordwest   

Buttress of railway bridge, E side of Dredgman Hill, S angle - A4076 Railway Bridge, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

Grid reference: SM 9466 1432.
Landranger 157: St David's & Haverfordwest.
Landranger 158: Tenby & Pembroke.
Explorer OL36: South Pembrokeshire/De Sir Benfro.
Structure: Bridge.
Waypoint: FG5044.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
S7599 Haverfordwest, Council Offices 1.17km to the northeast.
S0587 Haverfordwest, High Street 1.37km to the northeast.
S7828 Haverfordwest, Post Office 1.49km to the northeast.
S0586 Haverfordwest, Prendergast Hill 2.08km to the northeast.
G5096 Pope Hill 2.21km to the south.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Haverfordwest (1969), 2.51km to the northeast.

Third Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1950-68)
This flush bracket was used during the Third geodetic levelling, England & Wales. It was included on the Haverfordwest to Carmarthen levelling line.

Logged Visits
Visited on 16th April 2017 by Dusty. Condition: Good.
Photo at

Visited on 10th May 2016 by skyboss. Condition: Good.
In oustanding condition. Don't visit during rush-hour, people look at you like you're mad!

Visited on 19th May 2013 by wrose. Grid reference: SM 94668 14336. Condition: Good.
At the described location. Nothing to add to previous visit reports other than to confirm that it is still there and in good condition.

Visited on 22nd August 2008 by superswifteagle. Condition: Good.
Merlin's Bridge. Railway bridge, roadside

Visited on 17th April 2005 by Calico. Condition: Good.

Visited on 17th April 2005 by RHW. Grid reference: SM 947 143. Condition: Good.
A4076 Railway Bridge, Haverfordwest. On S end of E buttress of bridge.

Visited on 14th April 2005 by iainmac. Grid reference: SM 946 143. Condition: Good.
Railway Bridge.
Photo at
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