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Flush Bracket OSBM G2596: Cross Foxes Inn   

W face, SW angle of Cross Foxes Inn, E side of road [3GL]; Cross Foxes Inn, SW angle, W face.

Grid reference: SH 7664 1668.
Landranger 124: Dolgellau & Porthmadog.
Explorer OL23: Cadair Idris & Bala Lake / Llyn Tegid.
Structure: Pub / Hotel.
Waypoint: FG2596.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
G2597 By Dol-Gûn 2.36km to the northwest.
11434 Bont Newydd 3.52km to the north.
G2598 Dolgellau, Old Brewery 3.58km to the west.
G2599 Dolgellau, Magistrates Court 3.99km to the west.
S0320 Dolgellau, Bont Fawr 4.01km to the west.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Machynlleth, 16.20km to the south.

Third Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1950-68)
This flush bracket was used during the Third geodetic levelling, England & Wales. It was included on the Machynlleth to Trawsfynydd levelling line. The surveyor's description was W face, SW angle of Cross Foxes Inn, E side of road.

Logged Visits
Visited on 3rd April 2015 by mickandkim. Grid reference: SH 7664 1668. Condition: Good.
In good order

Visited on 23rd August 2014 by Dusty. Condition: Good.
Photo at

Visited on 17th May 2011 by Jonesduo. Condition: Good.
Just about hidden behind a rainwater downpipe.

Visited on 3rd June 2006 by iainmac. Grid reference: SH 7663 1667. Condition: Good.
Photo at

Visited on 6th May 2006 by RHW. Grid reference: SH 766 166. Condition: Good.
Cross-Foxes Inn. W face, SW angle. Roadside

Visited on 11th November 2005 by superswifteagle. Grid reference: SH 766 167. Condition: Good.
West face of former inn, right of main entrance, at roadside

Visited on 13th April 2005 by Calico. Condition: Good.

Visited on 22nd October 2004 by barryhunter. Condition: Good.
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