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Flush Bracket OSBM 258: Stanmoor Bridge   

Flush Bracket on abutment of Stanmore Bridge over River Tone [2GL]; Stanmoor Bridge, NE side of road, NE face, at junction of wall.

Grid reference: ST 3579 3016.
Landranger 182: Weston-super-Mare, Bridgwater & Wells.
Explorer 140: Quantock Hills & Bridgwater.
Structure: Bridge.
Waypoint: FB258.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
259 Burrow Bridge 274.59m to the north.
257 Stathe Farm 1.98km to the southeast.
260 Coates Farm 2.02km to the northwest.
256 George Inn / Black Smock PH 2.91km to the southeast.
261 Winslade Farm 3.40km to the northwest.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is North Petherton, 7.94km to the northwest.

Second Geodetic Levelling, England & Wales (1912-21)
This flush bracket was used during the Second geodetic levelling, England & Wales, and was levelled with a height of 23.3260 feet [7.1098 metres] above mean sea level (Newlyn datum). It was included on the North Petherton to Flax Bourton (Axmouth to Perry Farm Branch) and Thornford to North Petherton levelling lines. The surveyor's description was Flush Bracket on abutment of Stanmore Bridge over River Tone.

Logged Visits
Visited on 23rd December 2015 by jonglew. Condition: Destroyed.
Parapet has had a recent extension so brambles all gone and was able to have a good look for this FB. Can confirm it has gone. Took a spade to the soil to check it wasn't below current ground level. Metal plate noted by previous logger records the 1960 flood level. However, there is an unrecorded cut benchmark a few inches to the right of, and above, the flood plate. (See Photos at:

Visited on 12th May 2007 by LesC. Condition: Inaccessible.
OS database has a more detailed description: STANMOOR[sic] BR NE SIDE RD NE FACE JUNC WALL.
Assuming that NE face means the 'outside' of the NE wall, the designated height of 1m below ground level would place the FB in an inaccessible position amongst thick brambles in a private field. The FB could not be seen by looking over the parapet (although there was another metal sign of some kind fixed to the brickwork)

Visited on 7th March 2006 by the_cheshire_cat. Condition: Destroyed.
Bridge modern.
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