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Cut Mark: Cambridge, Corpus Christi College   

Mark on North-west corner of Corpus Christi College ; 0.61 ft. above surface [1GL, Thrapstone to Chelmsford, Branch Levelling in the City of Cambridge, Mark No. 6]; NW ANG CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE (ODN 10.2900m, AGL 0.6m).

Grid reference: TL 4481 5821.
Landranger 154: Cambridge & Newmarket, Saffron Walden.
Explorer 209: Cambridge.
Structure: School.
Waypoint: BM5787.

Neighbouring Bench Marks
BM Cambridge, St Botolph's Church 80.62m to the south.
BM Cambridge, Queens' College 134.54m to the southwest.
BM Cambridge, Pembroke College 145.60m to the south.
BM Cambridge, Mill Lane 192.35m to the southwest.
BM Cambridge, Church of St. Edward King and Martyr 193.13m to the north.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Wicken, 16.85km to the northeast.

First Primary Levelling, England & Wales (1840-60)
This bench mark was used during the First primary levelling, England & Wales, and was levelled with a height of 34.3970 feet [10.4842 metres] above mean sea level (Liverpool datum). It was included on the Thrapstone to Chelmsford (Branch Levelling in the City of Cambridge) levelling line. The surveyor's description was No. 6. Mark on North-west corner of Corpus Christi College ; 0.61 ft. above surface (p324).

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Visited on 18th May 2017 by Houlie. Condition: Good.
Both still there.
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Visited on 28th May 2012 by Meirion. Condition: Good.
There appears to be two marks here! A good mark and a lower slighly damaged mark, which is partially buried. Is it possible that the database mark is not the 1GL mark?
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