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Triangulation Pillar OSBM 10592: Fea Hill   

FLUSH BRACKET: FL BR 10952 [sic] FEA HILL TP (ODN 42.9370m, AGL 0.3m).

Grid reference: HY 53271 09722.
Landranger 6: Orkney - Mainland.
Landranger 7: Orkney - Southern Isles.
Explorer 461: Orkney - East Mainland - South Ronaldsay, Shapinsay.
Waypoint: TP3129.

Neighbouring Triangulation Pillars
S4777 Deerness 4.31km to the southeast.
10588 East Denwick 5.85km to the east.
10846 Hamley Hill 6.63km to the southwest.
10855 Court Hall 8.45km to the north.
10851 Warthill Farm 8.50km to the south.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Duncansby Head, 41.48km to the south.