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Triangulation Pillar OSBM S8737: Crookmore Farm   

Grid reference: NJ 57770 18714.
Landranger 37: Strathdon & Alford.
Explorer 405: Aboyne, Alford & Strathdon.
Explorer 420: Correen Hills & Glenlivet.
Waypoint: TP2613.

Neighbouring Triangulation Pillars
S6955 Knock Saul 4.38km to the north.
S8694 Strone Hill 5.14km to the south.
S7120 Lord Arthurs Cairn 6.52km to the west.
S7126 Black Hill 6.55km to the northeast.
S7255 Correen Hill 7.79km to the northwest.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Rhynie, 10.88km to the northwest.