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Triangulation Pillar OSBM S1551: Tosson Hill   

Grid reference: NZ 00482 98246.
Landranger 81: Alnwick & Morpeth, Rothbury & Amble.
Explorer OL42: Kielder Water.
Waypoint: TP6547.

Neighbouring Triangulation Pillars
S6635 Darden Pike 4.55km to the southwest.
S8035 Wreighill Pike 4.61km to the northwest.
S8062 The Beacon 5.37km to the west.
S3696 Garleigh Moor 5.68km to the east.
S3547 Target Plantation 6.18km to the northeast.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Longhorsley, 14.54km to the east.