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Triangulation Pillar OSBM S1616: Greensheen Hill   

Grid reference: NU 05631 35758.
Landranger 75: Berwick-upon-Tweed, Holy Island & Wooler.
Explorer 340: Holy Island & Bamburgh.
Waypoint: TP0686.

Neighbouring Triangulation Pillars
S7009 Shepherdskirk Hill 2.80km to the northwest.
S3578 Belford Crag 4.80km to the east.
S3695 Dod Law 6.42km to the southwest.
S3575 Chatton Park Hill 6.69km to the south.
S7472 Doddington 6.73km to the west.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Belford, 3.97km to the east.