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Triangulation Pillar OSBM S1681: Cottingtons Hill   

Grid reference: SU 52577 56649.
Landranger 174: Newbury & Wantage, Hungerford & Didcot.
Explorer 144: Basingstoke, Alton & Whitchurch.
Waypoint: TP2453.

Neighbouring Triangulation Pillars
S1680 Watership Down 3.07km to the west.
S7692 Ashe Warren 5.29km to the southeast.
S1685 Woodgarston 6.21km to the east.
S1682 Beacon Camp 6.78km to the west.
S5544 Greenham Common 9.03km to the north.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Basingstoke, 12.76km to the east.