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Flush Bracket OSBM 3598: Garvagh   

NE angle of building on NW side of Main Street (near 2nd Presbyterian Ch) - on Maghera - Drumcrow line? - Probably GARVAGH.

Grid reference: C 84045 16062.
Discoverer 8: Ballymoney.
Structure: Other.
Waypoint: FL3598.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
3406 Agivey Road 6.58km to the east.
3407 Tamlaght 6.94km to the east.
3408 Movanagher Primary School 7.29km to the east.
3409 Agivey Road 8.02km to the east.
3599 Swatragh 8.46km to the south.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Coleraine, 13.36km to the north.

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