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Flush Bracket OSBM G5216: Peterborough, Guildhall   

Pillar, Guildhall, NW face, N angle - N.W. corner of Guildhall Building in Cathedral Square. FB placed 1968 during Gravity Survey. Presumably replaced FB 1177.

Grid reference: TL 1915 9864.
Landranger 142: Peterborough, Market Deeping & Chatteris.
Explorer 227: Peterborough.
Explorer 235: Wisbech & Peterborough North.
Structure: Village / Town hall.
Waypoint: FG5216.

Neighbouring Flush Brackets
1177 Peterborough, Guildhall 10.00m to the south.
G660 Peterborough, Bridge Street 458.80m to the south.
1176 Peterborough, Crescent Bridge 460.98m to the west.
1178 Peterborough, Nene Bridge 521.73m to the south.
1175 Peterborough, Thorpe Park 1.62km to the west.
The nearest fundamental bench mark is Castor, 6.24km to the west.

Logged Visits
Visited on 15th January 2016 by NPS. Grid reference: TL 1915 9864. Condition: Good.
9.5670m (1982)

Visited on 8th March 2013 by aghadleigh. Grid reference: TL 1915 9864. Condition: Good.
Photo (close):
Photo (wider view):

Visited on 21st July 2011 by Jonesduo. Condition: Good.

Visited on 23rd May 2009 by ChrisC. Condition: Good.
This building is currently undergoing repair / restoration, but the FB is still clearly visible and being preserved, although I couldn't get close enough to identify it.

Visited on 28th October 2008 by RodS. Grid reference: TL 1915 9864. Condition: Good.
Peterborough, Guildhall, W face of pillar at NW angle

Visited on 19th February 2007 by Erewash. Condition: Good.

Visited on 14th March 2004 by RHW. Grid reference: TL 193 988. Condition: Good.
Peterborough- Cathedral Square. On NW corner of fine old open-sided building in pedestrian area. pedestrian area.
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