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The pages listed below contain more details on flush brackets, triangulation pillars, levelling, mapping, and other information that you might find useful.

British History Online
A full set of the 1:10,560 - Epoch 1 maps of Scotland, England, and Wales, plus selected coverage at 1:2,500.

This web site is dedicated to the glory of hunting down the paraphernalia littered about town and country that was used for map making, global positioning and sea level change monitoring. This is a specialist hobby, not for the faint hearted, which involves scaling walls, trespass, gloom, disappointment and - the greatest scourge of all - pebble dash.

Multiply NPFB
The main purpose of NPFB is to display photographic images of Ordnance Survey levelling markers. There are several types of marker illustrated here, but the main focus of interest is on one particular type, the 'Flush Bracket'. Levelling flush brackets are all uniquely numbered. Flush brackets are more commonly associated with hilltop triangulation pillars which are horizontal (or position) control markers but over two thirds of them were used as benchmarks on the vertical control system.
Location Searches - Points of Interest - UK - GB and Ireland.

Ordnance Survey
Britain's national mapping agency for best of British maps and mapping data.
Online map of the UK, viewable at 1:50,000 scale using the OS LandRanger maps. The map can be searched by OS grid reference.

T:UK - Teasel's Trigpointing Pages
This site is designed for those people who are physically unable to walk past a trigpoint without bagging it! On these pages, you will find information about the "sport" of trigpointing, and be able to log your finds. We have a database containing the locations of most of the trigpoints in Great Britain, but if you find one that we don't know about, please add it to our database.

TAC 32: Lost: 4500 bench marks
In a rare and refreshing outbreak of girls-and-numbers, Barbara Jones becomes the latest TAC reader to admit to a fascination with the monolithic pillars dotted around Britain's high (and low) points ...

TAC 34: Feeling flush
We've started something here: forget Munros, Murdos, Marilyns; what folk really sweat over are small metal plates stuck on the side of trig points and bridges. It's more a case of OS than Ben Oss, and Steve Weatherill is the latest devotee to be flushed out of the stonework ...

TAC 59: Black Down Hawk - a southern trig fan heads north
Barbara Jones reports on the trig baggers gathering in Edinburgh, March 2003.

The National GPS Network
Ordnance Survey has launched the National GPS Network web site, which offers three key services. The web site is primarily aimed at professional surveyors, geodesists and GIS developers. Together, these services improve the accessibility of the national coordinate systems in Great Britain, which over time will lead to better compatibility of spatial datasets from different sources. They also offer new efficient ways of working to GPS-equipped land and engineering surveyors.

Triangulation Pillar Waypoints
Triangulation pillar waypoints in a format suitable for uploading to your GPS.

This group is for discussion relating to Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars, flush brackets and the like.

Barry Hunter's trigs and levelling pages, including the 2GL transcription project.

Vision of Britain
Historical maps of the UK.