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Landranger Sheet 196: The Solent & The Isle of Wight, Southampton & Portsmouth

The Solent & The Isle of Wight, Southampton & Portsmouth S2446: Niton, Post Office ? S2447: Niton, Village Hall BOLT: Chale, St Catherine's Down BOLT: G4472: Pyle G4473: Atherfield Point G4471: Chale Green G4460: Great Appleford Bridge BOLT: G4454: Shanklin, Victoria Avenue G4459: Lavender Farm G4455: Upper Hyde G4456: Whiteley Bank G4457: Sandford Dairy House G4474: Marshgreen Farm G4458: Godshill G4475: Chilton Chine Holiday Camp S2443: Shanklin, Lake School G4476: Leigh Cottage S2442: Lake, Church of Good Shepherd G4486: Pagham Cottages BOLT: G4480: Little Pidford Farm G4453: Sandown, Avenue Road BOLT: Compton Down BOLT: FBM: Freshwater G4419: Brook Cottages S0595: Freshwater, Water Works G4418: Smallholding Cottage S2688: Blackwater, Mill S0596: Easton, Alexandra House G4420: Westover Farm G4417: Tapnell Cottages S2687: Blackwater, Station House G4452: Yarbridge FBM: Calbourne G4416: Afton Toll Gate S0601: Calbourne G4021: Freshwater, School S0594: Freshwater, All Saints Church S2455: Upper Shide Mill House G4415: Roseland Cottage G4451: Rowborough Cottage S2454: Newport, Blackwater Road G4020: Freshwater G4479: Newport, Pan Mill BOLT: Fort Albert Transfer Bolt BOLT: G4414: Corf Barn S0597: Yarmouth, Church BOLT: Hurst Castle, Transfer Bolt S0598: Yarmouth, Toll Cottage G4478: Newport, Fairlee Stores S0545: Hurst Castle, Pump House G4304: London Heath Cottages G4413: Newtown BOLT: Danes Stream G4430: Little Westridge G4477: North Fairlee G4303: Porchfield G4429: Ryde, Oakfield Junior School S2438: Palmers Lodge G4425: Wootton, 40 High Street G4019: Milford on Sea, The Garden House G4428: Ryde, Queens Road G4426: Fishbourne G4427: Quarr Oaks S2439: Alverstone Farm G4302: Thorness Cottage G4023: Hillis Farm G4729: Everton G4424: Whippingham G4728: Pennington G4022: Avenue Cottage G4423: East Cowes G4421: Gurnard, Chester House BOLT: Gurnard Transfer Bolt G4422: Cowes S0226: Lymington, Queen Street BOLT: BOLT: 10411: South Baddesley, School G4440: Lymington, Passford Bridge 10412: St. Leonard's Farm G4018: Battramsley Cross, Red Cottage S9949: Lumps Fort BOLT: Lepe Transfer Bolt G4439: Stone Cottages S9948: Lee-on-the-Solent G4017: Setley House BOLT: Portsmouth, Harbour Station 10413: Exbury 11807: Portsea, Cross Street BOLT: Portsmouth, Tide Gauge BM Aux Bolt (1999) BOLT: Portsmouth, Tide Gauge BM PB: Lymington Junction G4693: Whitefield Farm BOLT: Portsmouth, Tide Gauge Bolt (1999) G4016: Tilebarn Farm PB: Brockenhurst, Railway Station BOLT: Portsmouth, Subway Beneath A3 & M275 G4692: Blackfield, Newlands Close G2904: Brockenhurst, St. Saviour's Church S0209: Beaulieu, Mill Cottage S0210: Calshot Castle G2903: Brockenhurst, Myrtle Cottage S9947: Stubbington, Holy Rood Church PB: New Copse Cottage Bridge G4691: Holbury, Kennels House PB: Perry Wood Inclosure S9854: Hook Bungalow G2902: New Park PB: Rowbarrow Drake G4690: Hardley PB: Stephill Bottom Railway Bridge 18: Fareham, Railway Viaduct G2689: Fareham, Heathfield Farm G2687: Fareham, Council Offices G2688: Fareham, West End G2686: Fareham, Wallington PB: Fareham Railway Station Bridge G2685: Fareham, Downend Road 2457: Fort Purbrook PB: Fareham Railway Station Water Tank PB: Downend Road 2456: Fort Widley PB: Paradise Lane G2690: Titchfield, Fishermans Rest G4689: Hythe, Rose Close PB: Black Down PB: Frosthole Coppice 2455: Fort Southwick PB: Gudgeheath Lane G2901: Park Grounds Cottage PB: Fareham Park FBM: Fareham PB: Hill Park G2691: Titchfield Park PB: Titchfield Park 19: Hookhouse Coppice G4688: Hythe, Home Farm S0232: Hythe, Lloyds Bank G2692: Park Gate PB: Witherbed Lane S1219: Hythe, Pier G2900: Lyndhurst, High Street G3248: Ashley Down Farm PB: Hound PB: Fulliford Bog PB: Netley PB: Badnam Copse PB: Little Park G2899: Lyndhurst, Police Station PB: Netley G2693: Swanwick Station PB: Lower Swanwick PB: Bursledon PB: Freeze Copse PB: Knowle Hospital Bridge PB: Grange Lane G2898: Lodgehill Cottage PB: Bursledon Railway Station PB: Ashurst G2695: Lower Swanwick, Bridge Road BOLT: Southampton Docks, Tide Gauge BM G3249: Carmans Farm BOLT: Southampton Docks, Tide Gauge Aux 1 G2694: Lower Swanwick, Swanwick Lane PB: Swanwick Lane PB: Woolston Road G4546: Marchwood, School PB: Lower Swanwick PB: Knowle Hatches Viaduct 2942: Southampton, Empress Dock, Engine House G2708: Ashurst, New Forest Hotel PB: Lyndhurst Road Signal Box PB: Tapnage G3250: North Boarhunt, Mount Folly Cottage 2971: Southampton, Town Quay G2696: Providence Hill, Brookfield Cottages BOLT: Southampton Docks PB: Sholing, Coopers Lane PB: Webbs Land G4545: Marchwood, Magazine Lane 2970: Southampton, Castle G2707: Ashurst, Police Cottage PB: Mayles Farm Road 2941: Southampton, Board of Trade PB: Sholing, Railway Station G3251: Wickham Common PB: Wickham PB: Woolston PB: Woolston, Highlands Road G4544: Bury Farm G2697: Hightown, Bursledon Road BOLT: Wickham, Bridge Street 2940: Southampton, Strand 20: Wickham Railway Station PB: Southampton, West Railway Station PB: Southampton, Norman Road G2698: Sholing, Bursledon Road G4543: Eling, Old Rectory Court PB: Northfield Farm Bridge G3252: Redhill G2706: Totton, 73 Spicers Hill PB: Millbrook, Railway Station G5185: Freemantle, School PB: Bartley Water Railway Bridge G2704: Freemantle, Millbrook Road FBM: Southampton (O.S.O.) G2699: Bitterne, Police Station 1: Southampton, Ordnance Survey Office 926: OS Exhibition Bracket 1000: OS Exhibition Bracket G2703: Freemantle, Parish Hall PB: Southampton, Ordnance Survey Office PB: Southampton, Mount Pleasant Crossing PB: Bitterne, Athelstan Road PB: Bitterne, Railway Station G2700: Bitterne, Railway Station PB: Kings Meads PB: St Denys G2705: Millbrook, Parkside Avenue PB: Redbridge Crossing Railway Bridge S9671: Cadnam, White Hart Inn 11559: Cadnam, White Hart Inn G2702: St Denys, Methodist Chapel 2787: Southampton, The Avenue PB: St Denys, Priory Road PB: Mislingford Goods Station G3253: Sandy Hills House G2701: Bitterne Park Hotel PB: St. Denys Road G5141: Southampton, Girls College PB: Soberton Mill Bridge S1427: West End, School S3036: OS Exhibition Board 10659: OS Exhibition Pillar 12258: OS Demonstration Flush Bracket S8702: OS Exhibition Flush Bracket 12351: OS Exhibition Pillar 12127: Maybush, NatWest Bank FBM: Maybush G3193: Maybush, Crabwood House G5142: Southampton General Hospital G5143: Hollybrook Primary School G3254: Waltham Chase, Olivet Villas S1496: Waltham Chase, South View PB: Swaythling PB: by Testvale House PB: Nursling, Railway Station

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